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In today’s time, we see that people like to have a pet in their house. For a pet, they always live have a cat or a dog. Because cat or dog both are so adorable and they make anyone’s day by their activities. Most of the time, we see that people like to have a dog in their house. They have their dog as a family member and share everything with them. If you also want to have a dog then you have to check for their breeds.

When you visit a dog pet shop, you will find lots of breeds of dogs. Every dog breed has some qualities and specialties which them different from others. You can look for puppies of a different breed, but we know that you like the chow chow breed puppies more than others.

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Some information about chow chow dog

The chow chow is a dog breed that is found in north China. These puppies or dogs are furry and also have a good height. This breed dog is more known for its double coat that is may be rough or smooth completely. If you want to buy them then you can know more about the breed. Here is some common information is given below:

Life span: they can live 9 to 15 years.

Colors: They are of different colors- such as Blue, Black, Red, Cream, and Fawn.

Height: The height of a male dog is 48-56 cm and of a female dog is 46-51cm.

Temperament: They are very good and different from others that mean, they are quiet, independent, loyal, and aloof.

This is the common detail about them; if you want to know more about them then you can visit the official websites of online breeders and get more information about them. If you are in Michigan then you can look for chow Chow dog breeders in the MICHIGAN and get the best results for your search.

Use official websites always

When you visit the website, you can look for that they are real or fake. Because many of the fake websites are also available, that’s why it is suggested to people visit the official website and not on any other website. When you decide to have a chow chow puppy, then you have also look for chow Chow dog kennels. The dog kennels for chow chow are different and also of a different kind, you can buy one which you like for them. You can buy a kennel according to its size or as you want.

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