Pet Wellness 101 – Understanding Pet Wellness Care Services

Pet health matters. The procrastination and ignorance of a pet owner can risk the lives of their beloved pet animals. Pet wellness is more than just giving them the best food treat or bringing them to a pet clinic in Singapore annually. Unlike us, animals are very adept at hiding their pain to prevent their natural predators from sensing their weakness. Hence many first-time owners might not be able to perceive existing health problems and injuries in our pets.

Every pet clinic and veterinarian today often encourages pet owners (especially first-timers) to consider bringing their pets on a routine basis and provide helpful information and resources as a guide for better pet wellness. If we are capable of knowing what we should eat and do to maintain a healthy weight balance, being knowledgeable about your pet’s health is also a critical step to achieving optimal health.

The Importance Of Knowledge In Pet Wellness

As we know, improper care for your pet can lead to diseases, and some can be life-threatening if not treated the right way. Proper pet care is a standard and basis for responsible pet ownership. Thus it is vital for every pet owner to commit to understanding what needs to depend on for their well-being. Taking them to a local vet clinic or feeding them prescribed food is an added responsibility to ensure your pet’s wellness and happiness throughout their life under your care.

To further optimise your pet’s health and provide for its ample need, here are a few things you need to know about:

  •     Your pet’s need for healthy food (what to feed them and what to avoid)
  •     Determine their food allergies
  •     Proper hygiene and grooming to avoid infection
  •     Exercising your pet for their physical and mental wellness
  •     Regular doctor visits for immediate treatment, dental care and vaccination

Accessing resources online and consulting a local vet clinic in Singapore will provide you with the right information you need to keep your pet in the best possible condition. Remember that the unconditional love, loyalty and happiness that our pets bring to our lives entails a responsibility on our part to ensure positive wellness in the long run.

Different Aspects Of Pet Health Care Every Pet Owner Should Know


To further help pet owners to know more about what they should be concerned about when bringing their pet to a pet clinic, here are other vital aspects of pet wellness to know:

Dental care

Dental health is also a vital part of your pet’s wellness. A regular dental check-up at a local vet clinic should be a priority to prevent oral pain and dental conditions. Bacteria in the plaque can enter and spread in the bloodstream. It can further lead to organ damage if not treated.

If your pet is experiencing more sick days, it’s another reason pet owners should consider checking up on their current dental health. Here are the common telltale signs of dental disease and problems:

  •     Broken teeth
  •     Bad breath
  •     Bleeding and painful mouth
  •     Excessive drooling
  •     Inability to drink and refusal to eat
  •     Swollen gums
  •     Tooth discolouration

Spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering your pets is the best procedure to prevent the unwanted birth of puppies or kittens. Spaying or neutering your dog or cat also protects them from experiencing serious health complications associated with giving birth and even behavioural concerns with the mating instinct. As we know it, we cannot prevent our furry friends from going outside without taking them to a local pet clinic for the procedure.

Aside from reducing unwanted litter and preventing health problems, here are the other benefits of spaying or neutering your pet:

  •     It helps end the heat cycle for female pets.
  •     It provides more health benefits to help keep your pets living longer than average.
  •     It reduces the risk of mammary, testicular cancer and prostate problems for cats and dogs.
  •     It also reduces unwanted stray animals in your local community.
  •     It lessens the number of stray animals involved in car accidents.

If you are concerned about the risk of spaying and neutering (since it’s a surgical procedure), you can always ask your vet clinic for more information. Nonetheless, the benefits of getting it often outweigh the risk. Thus, pet doctors and experts often recommend it for pet owners.


Investing in a cat or dog vaccination in Singapore is another vital pet care service every pet owner should consider. Vaccinations can prevent pet illnesses and reduce the cost of expensive treatment for serious diseases that your pet can avoid with a simple vaccination.

Dog vaccination

Puppies can acquire parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis and corona infection during their first year. Vaccination also helps avoid rabies and guards them against human diseases, such as MRSA, human flu virus and salmonellosis. Vaccinating your puppy in their first few weeks is a must for dog owners to prevent infectious diseases.

Feline vaccination

For cats, acquiring a cat vaccination in Singapore also safeguards them against infectious diseases from bacteria and viruses and prevents early death. Vaccinations are often ideal for kittens since the antibody levels in their body often decline over time before developing their own immunity, which increases their exposure to infections and diseases. Kittens can acquire health risks such as feline herpes virus type I (FHV), rabies, feline leukaemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus without proper vaccination

Taking them to a veterinarian will help assess and evaluate if they need booster shots and customise vaccination schedules based on their lifestyle, current health status, age and exposure to a specific disease.

If you are looking for a dog vaccination or cat sterilization in Singapore, visit My Family Vet Clinic and Surgery for more pet health services!