Six Potentially Dangerous Items For Your Pets

As pet owners, we do our hardest not to make mistakes and try to always protect our precious pets from the risks that lie in our homes and outside. Careful handling and rational thinking will go a long way to keeping our pets safe from the most common sources of poisoning. In order to prevent unintended contamination, it is good to know what kinds of popular household items are harmful to pets. Continue reading to learn more about the dangerous or even lethal pet poisons in your home.

Household Items

Household items include a wide variety of things, including chemicals, glues, paint and laundry detergents. Almost every chemical substance will cause damage to your pet, so be careful to keep all cleaning materials and art supplies out of the reach of your pet.

Food Products 

Some things that we find delicious are also irresistible to pets! Chocolate, onions and garlic, grapes, beer and products containing an artificial sweetener are especially toxic. Table scraps and fatty foods will even make your pet ill, causing complications with GI, or even pancreatitis. In particular, it is safest to keep human food out of your pet’s diet.

Prescribed Veterinary Products

Prescription animal drugs are sometimes flavored to improve digestibility, so pets can mislead them for treatments and consume more than recommended. Curious pets may also ingest tablets that are not flavored, so keep these drugs out of the reach of your pet. Also, pets may chew through packaging, so you need to pet proof your house to keep them safe.   

Pesticides And Other Chemicals

When we want to get rid of mice, mosquitoes, or other insects, we always spray away but forget about our pets who are really close to the floor and other areas where we spray these chemicals. Keep your pets in mind while you’re using them. You will need to let your pet out and keep the doorways locked while you treat the floors with some of these chemicals.

Human Medication

Never give human medicines to your pet. It can be particularly dangerous even in small doses. If swallowed, pets may become sedated, uncoordinated and agitated, or tremors and seizures may occur. Pet parents sometimes place drugs at the top of the fridge away from the dog or kids, but the cat can still get to them. To be safe, place all drugs (including humans and pets) in a cabinet or cupboard that your pets cannot reach.

Lawn And Garden Products

Many of our dogs like to cavort outdoors, but what helps greenery flourish may have the reverse effect on other living creatures. Although you might have known that certain yard goods, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and soil chemicals, are not harmful, little do  we know  that compost is also toxic to our pets. When organic components in compost are decomposed, mold sometimes emerges, which, if swallowed, can cause vomiting, tremors and seizures.

Be Aware

Take every preventative measure  to keep dangerous chemicals in a place where your pets can’t reach. Keep litter protected and teach children not to share their meals or feed pet leftover food

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