The importance of good dog toys

We all know how crazy dogs can be about their balls and other toys. They love to take their favourite toys everywhere, and you can almost compare them with small children. But did you also know that toys are very beneficial to your dog’s health? It is not all about the fun. There are actually lots of reasons why dogs simply can’t live without their toys. For example, playing with dog toys will build your dog’s independence and self-confidence. Which will result in a dog that can stay home alone for longer periods of time. Are you curious about the other benefits? In this article you’ll read all about it!

Toys make dogs tired

Dogs, especially young dogs, have a lot of energy. That’s why it is so important to take your dog on daily walks: so that your furry friend can run and release some of his energy. Yet there isn’t always time to go outside and take long walks. For those moments in between, you can use toys to entertain your dogs. Playing with balls or solving dog puzzles will cost your dog a lot of energy, which in turn means the dog will sleep better and longer.

A toy will make your dog smarter

There are a lot of interactive dog toys that will stimulate your dog’s brain. These toys will demand a certain response from your dog, for which the dog will need to use its brain. Playing with these types of toys, will stimulate your dog’s memory and other parts of its brain: which in turn will make the dog smarter. You’ll see the results in other areas of your life too. Think about dog training or learning new tricks. When you allow your dog regular playtime with interactive toys, you will see that your dog will develop better concentration, and will learn to obey to new commands quicker than before.

Toys make dogs happier

Let’s compare dogs to children once more. What do you do when your child is bored or unhappy? Indeed, you offer them their favourite toys. That is exactly what you are supposed to do with dogs too. There will be moments in life when your dog is bored or simply unstimulated. If you don’t offer them entertainment, they will resort to problematic behaviour such as barking or chewing on shoes or plants. To prevent this from happening, you should offer them their favourite toys. That way your dog will be distracted and will no longer think about barking.

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