What You Need To Know About Pet Sitting

Pet sitter is a serious role and responsibility of a person who is dedicated to the job. Some offer pet sitting services focusing on its role providing the job while some are not just offering services but the love of pets is their natural character. Yes, the love of pets is the first qualification of a pet sitter that a pet owner must look for. At https://www.happyhousesitters.com.au/brisbane, you will learn and understand the jobs of a pet sitter and the services offered to your pets.

A pet sitter must

There are top things that a pet sitter must know before offering the service. The following essential things are the importance that a pet sitter must know when doing a pet sitting service:


  • Grooming. Dogs with longer furs need regular trims, nail trims, and baths. There must be the right products that must be used that the groomer must prefer. Whether you are taking the dog during pet sitting time or simply taking care of them as yours. Long-haired cats grooming is very essential to them. Check if they have all the equipment to keep the pets looking their best.
  • Exercise. Dogs need regular exercise. You may check local dog parks to find out how they can freely walk on the lead. Check if there are possible problems with their socializing with the other dogs around. Keep in mind that tired dogs are healthy dogs, they are tired of being happy like having fun outdoors. 
  • Food. Pets are on their special diets. They are often eating food for a reason. You may check on the policy about their treats and try to avoid overfeeding. You may check out the weight of your pet compared to the previous weight. Pets are like humans, they also need proper feeding. 
  • Emergency care. As a pet sitter, you must be aware of the nearest vet hospital. If you have transport, then it is a big plus. There could also be a house call vet or pet ambulance service around you.


As a pet sitter, you need to know and understand your responsibilities. The pet owners trust you and rely on how good you are as a pet sitter. Therefore, you need to do all your best to make them say that you are the best pick they have ever had and get you for the next booking of your service. Pet sitting can be an easy job but needs patience if you are not into pets. So, make sure that you are a pet lover before you provide a pet sitting service.