3 Common Red Flags To Look For When Buying Pet Food Products

Do you check and inspect what’s in their pet’s food? If you’re buying pet food online in Singapore, knowing the ingredients that come with the label is a way to ensure that your pet gets the best food with the right nutrients and vitamins. It is because many dogs and cat food are of poor quality and may contain harmful ingredients for your pet to digest.

With so many choices available in the growing pet food market that all claim to be healthy, how do you know which ones to avoid? Here are some of the most common red flags to watch out for when buying pet food:

Artificial colours and flavours

Artificial colouring and flavours are among the most unnecessary ingredients for pet food. There is no reason for your pet to consume a product with it since it is linked with serious conditions, such as cancer and provides no benefits. Hence if you plan to buy raw cat or dog treats in Singapore, check if the products contain these ingredients.

Incredibly cheap price

Cheap pet food might sound pleasant for your ear, especially if you’re on a tight budget. While the price may not always dictate the quality and value of the product, the lowest and cheapest food products are something you should be sceptical of. You might be paying for your pet’s medical bill in the long run because of terrible ingredients and lack of nutritional value.

Unknown ingredient sourcing

Whether you’re buying cat treats or raw dog food in Singapore, you should know where the ingredient comes from. While it’s common for plenty of pet foods to be sold in places like China, a product that does not specify information about the source of the ingredient in the packaging or site is a red flag. Ingredients should be sourced from ranchers and other sources that follow local or international pet food standards.

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