A Quick Guide to Buying Healthy Pet Food

Whenever you buy pet food, it’s essential to ensure that the food you’re buying is healthy for your pet. It’s necessary to consider the ingredients in your pet’s food because commercial pet foods may contain potentially dangerous or unsafe ingredients for your pet.

Always avoid purchasing food that contains one or more of the ingredients that are mentioned below. Let’s take a look!!

  • Corn and corn syrup: Corn has little nutritional value for dogs and is commonly used as a cheap filler. It is also considered a popular allergen to dogs. Same with corn syrup; it may be used to sweeten the meal. Basically,corn and corn syrup increase the amount of carbohydrates in the food, putting your pet at risk for diabetes. Sweetening food can also lead to dental problems. Instead, your pet should eat food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
  • Animal By-products: Animal by-products are used in most pet foods because they are a low-cost source of protein, fat, and calories. Both canned and kibble foods contain by-products, so make sure to read the labels on any pet food you purchase. Animal by-products include scraps that are left over after processing meat, which may be of dubious quality. And those that are considered inedible by humans may be used in pet food.
  • Propylene glycol: One of the key ingredients in “pet-safe” products is propylene glycol antifreezejust because it absorbs all the water.  It is commonly added to dog food to control the spread of moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria. However, the product is considered to be “generally safe,” but still you don’t want it in your dog’s food, even though it is safe for dogs. It can be harmful and cause health issues over time.
  • Unspecified Meat Sources: Meat sources that are healthy for pets should always be identified in commercial foods. Bear in mind that when meat sources aren’t mentioned, they may come from many sources, including roadkill, diseased livestock, and even euthanized animals from shelters. Instead of ingredients such as meat meal or meat by-product meal, look for a particular source of meat, such as chicken or beef.

What Should You Look For?

There are several different types of pet foods, and going through them all can take a long time. In addition to avoiding foods containing the above ingredients, look for foods that follow this criterion, as they are generally healthier for your dog.

  1. The key component is a high-protein source.
  2. It contains nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

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