Points to Follow When Bringing Home a New Pet

Puppies are the cutest and bringing a new puppy home is one of the most exciting things for the dog lovers. But there are some people who have no experience on how to bring up and keep a puppy. Also, they will get some information online about taking care of puppies which is not fully correct. And if people follow that they can end up disgusting the pups or the dogs. One of the reasons is that people should understand the difference between a puppy and human being. So, treating them like a human baby is not so good. Dogs should be treated naturally to adapt their environment.

10 Tips for Bringing Your New Pet Home | Parents

On Using Shampoos for Dogs

So, before you make a new puppy checklist make sure that you follow these rules also. When you give them a bath use a mild soap, liquids will not help. And don’t apply the soap near their eyes. You can use water to clean the eye area. Also, sometimes due to tears or crying they can get sticky liquid type substance in their eyes or surrounding, which you should wipe it with a clean wet cloth and wash their eyes with clean water. This mostly happens as pups miss their mother. You should never use a tearless shampoo, because it has chemicals, it is not pet-friendly.

On Using Combs & Toothbrush for Dogs

And you should not give dogs too much of bath as some dogs have sensitive skin. Apart from that you should use a normal soft brush for combing their hair, using combs with tooth and pulling their hair because of the knots, like it’s a human hair, causes pain to the pups and dogs. So, better not try it. Also, don’t go the extreme of brushing the teeth of the dogs as some people do, they are animals not human. So, they have a natural cleansing agent present in their mouth.

Caution Regarding Chew Toys & Fragrance

Some dog chew toys can make their mouth go dry, so give them only those chew toys which has some good flavors like that of bone. And not some rubber types chewing toy or other, plus don’t give them any toy to chew or play as it can choke them. And also don’t give them any soft toys as they will tear it, due to irritation or some smell which they find appealing. And don’t use puppy pads or beds that has good fragrance, it can irritate their nose and they can keep sneezing or their nose flows.

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