Bengal Cats and their Personality

When it comes to Bengal Cats, they are a relatively new breed. Basically, it is a cross breed of USA cats, and Asian Leopard Cats. It has derived its name from its wild ancestors; the Asian Leopard Cat; or Felis Bengalensis in Latin. The idea behind creating this cross breed was to create a new creature which would be cute, friendly and trustworthy as a domestic cat, and at the same time would possess the qualities and features of a wild beast; which would make it look royal and attractive. These cats are one of the most popular ones to be tamed in USA and Canada. A recent study has revealed that since 2015; the demand for these cats have increased tremendously in both these countries.

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About their Personality

As far as the personality of these cats are concerned, they are special. Apart from their physical appearance, it is their personality which makes them stand out. Here is a brief insight into their nature and personality traits.

  • These cats are very affectionate and love to be pampered. They are equally eager to express their love and affection towards their owner.
  • They are very playful by nature and extremely energetic. The wild side of their ancestors shows up every now and then, when you can see them jumping and hopping around for no reason
  • This breed of cat is very intelligent and also has a curious side. They have the tendency to play around with everything which they can get access to.
  • These cats are very agile and fast.
  • They are master limbers .
  • They have a very distinctive voice, which can be described and chirping or cooing. It is an odd gravelly sound which they produce when they are hungry, excited or have some other messaged to convey.
  • They also have a wild side. They can lash on to any birds or other creatures who, they can get the better of.

These are some of the features and personality traits of these cats which make them special. Added to their physical presence, which in itself is quite attractive and portrays royalty; these cats are the perfect option if you are looking for a trustworthy, attractive, wild and cute companion.


There are no major inherited defects that can be associated with these breed of cats. However, at times, they might exhibit symptoms of a cardiovascular condition, which is known as cardiomyopathy. It has also been observed that some Bengal cats are quite vulnerable to certain infectious diseases, like peritonitis.

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