How to Pick out a Top Hog Hunting Scope

Since feral hogs are nocturnal animals, hog hunting takes place at night and requires appropriate equipment. Apart from common hunting gear, you will need to attain a night vision device to protect you from possible threats and allow you to reach the target with no hurdles. Explore the night vision scope peculiarities and encounter the best suitable device for you.


Although hog hunting is mostly night activity. Yet, in summer feral hogs may walk out in the daytime. This makes it necessary to attain a multifunctional rifle scope. It should be able to perform flawlessly both with the minimum light amount and in the daylight as well. So, opt for a regular rifle scope but with a night vision mode in addition.

Optics Quality

Optics quality is another vital thing. It predetermines the clearness and sharpness of the image. Dark surrounding and dark colours of hog fur make it difficult to distinguish things well. So, go for premium optics producers when selecting the best suitable rifle scope.

Reticle Type

Hunters often choose reticle types up to personal preferences. Yet, they also make a difference when it comes to hog hunting. Hogs hide in the bushes and move rapidly, so extra patterns on your reticle can prevent you from spotting the animal or any other vital details. This means that you’d better get a simple red dot or Duplex crosshair reticle.

Scope Power

Preferred scope power depends on the surrounding and type of hunting. Yet, the conditions may differ from time to time and within one hunting session as well, so it is recommended choosing the variable scope power. 

Thorough Decision

Consider the surrounding, weather conditions, personal preferences, and additional features. Make a wise decision and obtain the best suitable rifle scope for successful and pleasant hog hunting.