Most Important Small Dog Supplies You Need

People just love small dogs, don’t they? These are cute and lovely animals which can cheer up your days and nights. They are very active and cheerful which makes them a part of your family in no time. However, in order to ensure their wellness and a healthy life, you will need a few important items. What are these? Let’s find them out in this list we have here.

  • Dog Leash and Collar – one of the most important Small Pet Supplies for your dog that you’ll need is dog leash and collar. Just because your dog is small, it doesn’t mean that it will sit in your lap for the rest of the day. These dogs are very active as well. So it is always a good idea to secure them with the help of a comfortable leash. It will prevent the dog from running away.
  • Dog Food – just like any other dogs, smallest dogs need the appropriate food as well. If your dog is small, then you can Just like any animal, food is essential for smaller breeds. Make sure you are buying dog food that is made for small sized jaws.  There is no need to be afraid of grains for your tiny pooch, just get it in the right sized pieces.
  • Small Kennel – Given the choice between your bed and the kennel, they may rather hop in with you. But having a crate made for small dogs can give them a cozy spot to call their own.
  • Treats for Small Dogs – Treats are a must have for good doggies everywhere! When it comes to treats for your smaller friend keep them simple.  Avoid overfeeding them and choose treats specifically sized for your small dog’s weight.
  • Dog Toys – The most important thing for any dog, toys! Whatever way they play, make sure you get a size appropriate toy for small dogs.
  • Potty Pads – Smaller dog breeds have a harder time holding it and can have issues soiling the house. It can be easier for them to go in the corner until they are potty trained or even an accident.
  • Safety Items for Falling – Older dogs aren’t the only ones who suffer from fall risks. Small dogs are at risk for injuries from falls or just jumping down. Falling short distances from the bed or couch can cause injuries to the front legs or spines.
  • Travel Necessities – Besides their collar and leash, there are several things that can be needed while traveling with your pet. If you plan on going on longer trips out with your dog where their legs may tire out quickly a pet stroller can be helpful.  Longer distances can be twice as long for your small pup due to their little legs. Pet strollers especially come in handy for older dogs who may not be as mobile as they once were but still enjoy the outdoors. They also make great gifts for anyone with aging pets.
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