Overseas Transporation With Flat-Faced Dogs

All types of overseas relocation that run inclusive of family pets pose challenges. Dog transportation might get added to your to-dos, especially because they are time-absorbing, confusing, and convoluted. More so, being a dog parent, you would also be worried about how your paw-friend will adapt itself to the flight journey.

With air travel becoming common place for pets, the pet transport companies have come to terms with the fact that flying poses risks for flat-faced dogs compared to the normal breeds,

How Are Flat-Faced Dogs Handled By The Airlines?

Over the years, airlines that have accepted pets have increased their vigilance in recent days because the surrounding activities can accelerate their risks for flat-faced dogs. 

Airline Rules for Flat-Faced Dogs are generally related to:

Weather Extremes

Weather extremes are risky for all types of pets. No wonder why all the airlines ban dog shipping when it is very hot or very cold. Because heat poses greater challenges for snub-faced dogs, a majority of airlines have imposed stringent restrictions on them for hotter months.

Size of the Dog

Small size flat-faced dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin, and the larger dogs are allowed to travel as cargo or checked-in baggage. If you are planning for overseas transportation, only a handful of international countries allow incoming dogs to come in as in-cabin passengers.

Problematic Conditions for Travel

Certain conditions make flying problematic for all types of dogs: despite being flat-faced or not. 

The Pet-Related Conditions

Apart from the regular breathing difficulty, the snub-faced dogs might be having more than one health issue due to direct/indirectly to their weird facial structure Any of the following issues can have lengthy confinement in a dog travel carrier harder on their body.

The Age Of your Dog: Aged dogs falter in handling changes like young dogs, either physically or psychologically, The older dogs might suffer from arthritis a well, which can create a long stint in a dog travel crate, insanely inconvenient.

Is Your Dog Overweight: Be careful of how much weight your dog possesses. Because something as inconsiderable as a pound extra or two can put small dogs at risk, as too much weight can strain their internal organs.

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