The Importance Of Doggy Day-Care As We Return To Work

Most of 2020 and 2021 has been a difficult time for everyone. The pandemic brought major changes to all aspects of life and for many of us, we have switched to working from home full-time, or at least part-time. It seems that the past year has seen many people become dog owners, having more time at home to look after their pets and to make sure that they are well looked after. Now that the world is returning to some sort of normality, what does this mean for our beloved dogs? When we go back to ‘normal’ working hours, our dogs will be left at home alone, but that is not the optimal situation, instead look towards a doggy daycare in your area or dog minders that can ensure your dog is never alone for too long and remains stimulated and learning key development skills.

Every responsible owner of a dog understands that you just can’t leave your dog alone for long periods of time. For many dogs, any longer than 4-5 hours is just completely unacceptable and can be deemed harmful to their health and wellbeing. It can stunt their development and cause long-term problems in terms of the connection between dog and owner. If you are returning to work full-time and know that you will be out of the house for hours at a time, it is difficult to know what to do for the best. 

Some people have the benefit of having another person at home who can sit with the dog, or pop in and take the dog for a walk during the day, feed it, make sure everything is alright. Other people might live close enough to where they work so that they can pop back in on a lunch break and check on the dog. In other cases, it might be possible to ask your boss for a more flexible working environment where you can work from home part of the time, creating a schedule that ensures your dog always has someone looking after them or at least is not left alone for longer than a few hours at a time.

These are all good options to explore, but isn’t always possible though, or not possible every single day and you have to make sure there is a viable option that takes good care of your dog at all times.

This is where dog daycare comes into the equation. You can drop the dog off at the dog day-care centre before work and go pick them up after work, much like you would your child at nursery or school. The doggy day-care folk will make sure your dog is well looked after and remains physically and mentally active throughout the day, getting enough exercise and stimulation so that they continue to develop in a safe environment, even though you are away at work for most of the day. The alternative of your dog being left at home alone all day is unthinkable really.

The best doggy daycare services have a wealth of experience in looking after different breeds of dogs, different ages and can provide a safe place for the day, as well as provide some key skills and sessions akin to what you would expect to find in a residential dog training complex. Your dog will be healthy, happy, fit and learn all the necessary skills for a full life with your family.

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