After all, how cold is too cold for dogs. What you should do?

When it comes to the cold, the dog’s body is much more resistant than ours is, as its coat works as a thermal insulator as effective as a jacket. Most dogs even withstand severe cold better than intense heat. However, sensitivity to cold varies from one animal to another. It depends on the breed, age, weight, health status and lifestyle. We all have seen a husky roaming in the frozen jungle of Siberia without clothes. Still, dogs need that extra layer of clothing to withstand severe cold. In this sense, we may have an increasing doubt, how cold is too cold for dogs. Let us give you a short brief.

Dog breed and cold

Breeds such as Chow-Chow, Siberian husky, and Saint Bernard withstand the cold well due to their dense and long coat. Many of them have a double coat, with a dense and soft undercoat, which protects the body from lower temperatures. The breeds that are more sensitive to cold are those with little fat, short fur and no undercoat. It is the case of Chihuahua, Yorkshire, French bulldog, and Pug.

Age versus feeling cold relationship

Older puppies and dogs are more likely to be affected by cold weather, as they cannot regulate their body temperature as efficiently as adult dogs. Thus, older dogs are more prone to health problems caused by wind and humidity, such as rhinitis, bronchitis or pneumonia.

Does weight influence?

A thin dog is more sensitive to the cold than one of normal weight. With few body reserves, he is less able to fight hypothermia in the event of prolonged exposure to cold. Consequently, fatter dogs are more tolerant of low temperatures, but beware of being overweight. A dog that often spends several hours outdoors will certainly have more resistance to the cold than a dog that lives in an apartment.

How to protect dogs from the cold

Are caps, jackets, scarves and socks also valid for our friends? The clothes for the cold are not prohibited, but they should only be used in specific cases and with common sense. Otherwise, instead of protecting them, they can put the pet at risk. Dogs that definitely do not need any clothes are those with long coats and those that are overweight. Not all dogs react in the same way to the cold – some shiver, others curl up in the corner, and some refuse to move forward or stop frequently during walks. The important thing is to watch your pet’s actions. Click here for more information.