What Type of Pet Door is Best for My Dog?

The dog doors open up a world of possibilities for you and your dog. They allow you to get in and out of the house without you having to get up to open it. They are perfect for homes with gardens so that your dog can go to play or relieve himself even when you are not there.

All models have a lock that allows you to leave it closed when you do not want your pet to pass freely. Some models have a selective wave to let you in but not out and vice versa. There is even the possibility of hanging an electromagnetic “key” on your dog’s collar so that only he can pass, thus preventing other dogs, cats or wild animals from entering your house. For those who wish to get easy and suitable dog doors check out the selection of Hale Pet Doors for sale .

When choosing a door for your house, you should take into account:

The size of your dog : 

The internal measurements of the door are calculated by measuring the width of the back and the height of the dog’s trunk. The height of the head does not matter, as the dog naturally lowers it to pass. The door is installed in such a way that the lowest part is at the height of the lowest point of the dog’s chest so that it can pass comfortably.

Place of installation:

All doors can be installed on a regular wooden gate or a wall (adding a tunnel of the thickness of the wall). Some models are installed on sliding glass doors.

Security level: 

you can choose one with a simple lock (entry only, exit only, entry and exit or closed). There are also doors with a second barrier to help you save energy by preventing the loss of heat, cold or wind from entering through it.

Self Install Pet Doors

If you’ve already set about creating a discreet litter box for your cat, maybe it’s time to go a step further. Of course, before modifying your door or the facade of your home to incorporate your own and independent entrance for your pet, make sure that it will be a practical and safe element for you.

Not all dogs – not even cats – need their door. The age, breed, tastes and specific characteristics of your dog will help you decide if a door is a good idea and a profitable investment for you. You can consult with your veterinarian about the issue, and also, it is best not to rush and create the door when you see that the dog demands it.

Not all houses can have pet doors. Only independent dwellings with their land around them can enjoy a pet door without endangering both the safety of the animal and the integrity of the house itself.

The pet gate must allow the dog to enter and exit a private garden, patio or terrace area that is part of the home and is safe for the dog.

Not just any door is valid for any dog. Your pet’s strength, weight, size, and skill will determine the type of door you can build for him. To be practical and valuable, it must adapt to his characteristics and needs.

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