Tips for walking your dog in the rain

If you have a dog, you have experienced a terrible moment of walking on it even though there is widespread flooding and you normally have to spend the entire afternoon postponing your trip , waiting for a truce from heaven while your dog grows impatient.

This one has already devoured your slippers, socks, carpet, three pillows, and the neighbor’s cat, and now he’s perched on the lamp, staring at you with hungry eyes, so it’s time to let it loose. If you have any questions, we suggest some tips here so you can continue your dog’s routine without giving up too much.

Take your dog on a walk with these helpful hints.

Wear a raincoat for your dog

I mean, not you, the dog. This piece of clothing will protect you from cold, wind and rain.Also, it will also prevent your dog from being sniffed by a wet pet.

Put on your rain boots

You will most likely need another 16 people for this complicated job but I cannot guarantee you will. If after a lot of sweat you get all four, you just have three seconds until you bite them and drag it to the street.

Don’t be afraid, it will slowly get longer this time. Maybe in the summer it was already possible for me to spend over eight minutes with them. Congratulations, next fall you will have no more dog tracks in your house.

Waterproof cap

Add a waterproof hat to your dog’s appearance, this will ensure that there is no water in her eyes and you won’t see the hateful glare she is throwing at you. The poor animal will look like a fisherman returning from the sea to get his revenge and eat your socks.

Umbrella for dogs

Do you know there is an umbrella for a dog ? Of course, in the 21st century, they did not have time to invent teleportation, but an umbrella for the si dog .

They adhere to your dog’s harness and prevent it from getting wet, so be sure to wear other waterproof accessories over your dog, something your dog will appreciate.

However, they are dangerous as it can extend the walk with the dog for several hours or even days, so they will stop you and ask all ladies with wet dogs from underneath you.

Don’t stop the exit

If it’s time for you to walk your dog every day and it’s raining, don’t think about stopping production, especially if you live in a small apartment with no patio. Your dog needs to go outside, but since rain doesn’t always appeal to most people, it’s best to choose to walk in wooded areas or have buildings to protect you.

It’s true that a dog’s coat protects it from wet and cold , but most people don’t like to walk around when it’s raining because they don’t like to get wet and cool . Therefore, the dog will signal that it does not want to walk in the rain pulling the leash towards the house to return.

Dry the dog well

The most important thing is to dry your dog at home until you are sure the hair has lost its moisture. A dryer can be very useful for this.

If none of this convinces you (happily), we advise you to prepare a towel before you go out to dry your dog as soon as you get home. And also a few rags to dry the mess up, because that damn cannon will end up escaping without problems running around the house and shaking to the last drop of flesh.

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