Top 5 breeds for family protection dogs

Some dog breeds are highly trainable, intelligent, and vigilant, making them great for guarding tasks. They typically have a strong sense of loyalty and act properly to ensure your safety. If you are looking for the right family protection dogs, keep reading the following list.

  1. German Shepherd

The German shepherd is an active and intense breed typically served as a military working or police dog. They tend to have a strong sense of loyalty to family members. The key is to train them properly and keep them focused on becoming guard dogs. To avoid nervousness and fearfulness, you should socialize this breed. They often need around 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise as well.

  1. Bullmastiff

This brave and loyal breed was initially developed by gamekeepers to prevent poachers from affecting their games. They have a bullish look that would be intimidating to any intruder. In fact, bullmastiff dogs are naturally affectionate to their family, making them great companions. You need to provide them with structured training to reinforce their natural guarding instincts.

  1. Akita

This is one of the most loyal breeds on Earth. Originally bred for guarding nobility and royalty in feudal Japan, they are very alert and courageous. Akita dogs are typically very suspicious of any strangers and keep watching over your family and you at all times. With little training, they can perform guarding duty perfectly.

  1. Cane Corso

The cane corso is an Italian breed historically used for guarding, hunting, and warfare. They are characterized by deep-toned bark, heavy build, and large size that may ward off any trespassers. This dog breed is also born with an instinct for guarding tasks. You should focus on training them in obedience as well as honing natural skills.

  1. Doberman pinscher

The Doberman pinscher historically had a bad reputation as an aggressive breed. However, they are typically very goofy, docile, and affectionate towards human families. Many do not even hesitate to strangers unless they feel dangerous. With little to no training, they can perform guarding and protecting tasks perfectly. But if you design a structured program, it is possible to improve their protection skills and make them become excellent protection dogs for the family.

These family protection dogs are born fearless, large, and responsive to training. They can help keep yourself and your family always at peace. To look for the right family protection dog for sale for your loved ones, you can visit The company provides many options as well as useful information to help you make an informed decision.

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